Office in front of buildingsSecurity systems play a big role in protecting your business.  Occupied facilities are full of people and property you wish to protect.  Unoccupied facilities are targets for theft and vandalism.

There is a wide variety of intrusion detection devices that can be used with these systems.  A few of the most common include motion sensors, door and window contacts, duress buttons, glass break detectors, sirens, horns, strobes, and many more.  Let EAI help you design a security system that fits your needs and budget.

These systems can be monitored by a 24-hour monitoring service to provide real time responses.  Please see our Monitoring section for more details.

With a Security System you can:

  • Protect your employees from acts of violence
  • Protect your inventory from theft
  • Monitor unauthorized access to important areas
  • Request emergency response
  • Remotely monitor the status of your facilities

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